Sinicuichi Sun Opener
Hierba de San francisco Abre-o-sol (Heimia salicifolia) TOP QUALITY From MEXICO. Heimia salicifolia is a perennial flowering shrub with a native range from Mexico to Argentina that has been traditionally used as a mild relaxant when brewed and allowed to ferment for a few days. Its leaves have been identified as the sacred Sinicuichi plant used by Aztec sorcerers during rituals for Xochipilli, the god of spring and desire. To this day it is used in both fertility ceremonies as well as to clear a person or area of dark or negative forces. Heimia salicifolia also has a long history in Mexican folk medicine as a diuretic, fever reducer, to increase fertility, and even to counteract the evil eye. Medicinal baths consisting of Sinicuichi along with other herbs and essential oils would prepared for the affected person. For sexual dysfunction, for example, individuals would soak in a Heimia and rosemary bath. The Maká people of Paraguay use Heimia leaves to form a healing paste for to speed up the healing of wounds and sores. It has also been traditionally smoked for its mild euphoric effects. Greater clarity of vision or a golden-tinted visual field have also been associated with the use of this plant, hence its name 'Sun-Opener'. It can be used as a powerful banishing incense to clear a room or area for ritual work as it evokes the power of the sun. Its banishing effect is especially effective when working with Meso-American forces. It can also be incorporated into charms or conjure bags to promote love and fertility or allow an individual to 'see' the deeper truth of a matter. For crafting, incense, and religious use only.





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