Damiana (also known as Turnera diffusa) is one of the more broadly spread out herbs on the planet. This is mainly because it is found most often in Texas, South America and Mexico; each of which is a country that has a very well developed system for the research of herbs. This particular herb is often hard to spot because it is very small, and produces small yellow flowers that have a very beautiful and strong smell. The beauty of this particular plant is that it can be used in many different ways specifically because it is actually a fruit. Every elements of this herb can be used and processed into medicinal products. This includes the stem, the leaves, the flowers and the fruit. Because of this, the Damiana is now a widespread plant into many households in the USA and can be safely used by anyone.
We selected only the best of all Mexican Damiana "Damiana de California" only the tops and leaves are harvested to assure a high alkaloid content. It has long been used by Mexican Indians as an aphrodisiac. When ingested, damiana has relaxing and sex stimulating qualities. Damiana has shown to relieve the body of harmful toxins that lower blood circulation and disrupt the digestive system.
Different parts of the Damiana have different uses. Making tea out of the leaves is a very good way to relieve stress and improve concentration. The leaves should be placed into medium hot water and left for about five minutes, after which you can drink it like any other tea. While there is no specific limit as to how much of this tea you can drink, it does have some properties of an aphrodisiac which we will discuss later, so it would probably be best to limit the amount of tea you drink to once a week.



Damiana Turnera Diffusa

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